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An Overview Of 2012

Every year, for as long as I can remember, I have always taken the year that was and written a review of it. As a child it was in paper diaries; for the last twelve years or so it has … Continue reading

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Not Enough Weekend – Or Just Too Much To Fit in?

Yet again, I’m trying to fit a couple of weeks into a few days! We’re packing for the Discworld Convention (heading off Friday morning). I’ve packed all of my Doctor Who t-shirts, my wedding gown (because it’s the kind of … Continue reading

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Saving The Bride

Or, at least, that seems to be what I managed to do with this blog yesterday. Most of you probably remember this post about the Wedding Gown From Hades. Almost three hundred English Pounds ended up in recycling and not … Continue reading

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Marriage Monday Part Two

We are both exhausted, but it was a wonderful day. Very laid-back and informal and lovely. More pictures shall follow tomorrow, but here’s one for now ( a bit blurry because it was taken on a friend’s mobile). Today has … Continue reading

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A Wedding Dream Ruined – Wedding Dress Online Shop

“Like every other bride, I wanted that special dress, the one that was created just for me, to my specific measurements. I ordered the red evening dress with mermaid skirt, along with a matching bolero jacket. I was so excited … Continue reading

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