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The Life And Times Of A Transient Journalist

I am most definitely not dead, but a lot of things have been happening – both to me and for me. My time has recently been taken up with gardening, cross-stitch, writing for What Culture, running a Facebook group with … Continue reading

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Growing Up Aged Thirty Nine And A Half

Growing up is something that I tried to avoid for all of my life until now. I inherited Romani blood which runs hot in my veins; I am an autumn child who has spent many years floating free with no … Continue reading

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Epilepsy, Disability And Idiocy

“MOVE IT!” I had just hobbled off the coach, en route to my home town to visit with my son. London Victoria is where I had to change to a different coach, and I was looking forward to the two-hour … Continue reading

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Preparing For Christmas

Because our friends and family are scattered all over the country, we at Tribble Towers really have to plan ahead, and even then we can’t fit everybody in! Yesterday I made my now-famous (sort of) piccalilli – with a difference. … Continue reading

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Gypsy Road – Part Two

How Did I Meet My Ex-Husband Anyway? He was on a street corner late at night, guitar in hand and singing his heart out. A lonely busker, out past midnight in the hope that clubbers would drop him some money.

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Gypsy Road – Part One

After my ex-partner made me homeless I chose to return to my ancestral Romani roots and hit the road for a while. After all, I had always wanted to leave my home town and I had friends throughout the British … Continue reading

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The Grievers, Cheltenham And Epilepsy Awareness

On the way home from Cheltenham on Sunday, I finished my Kindle copy of The Grievers by Marc Schuster. Intelligently, sensitively written, the book is dark, thought-provoking, edgy, stark, bitter-sweet, melancholy and screamingly funny by turns. Others have already written … Continue reading

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Christmas At Tribble Towers

Just two more days to go, and here at Tribble Towers we are more or less ready. Family (mine) has been visited, gifts traded, pickles created and menus planned. I still have to wrap a couple of gifts and make … Continue reading

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The Christmas Adventure Begins Here

For us it does, anyway; Tribble Towers has a lot to do. Tomorrow we are travelling to my hometown of Cheltenham for a weekend: This is part of the town centre. It is a really beautiful place, but I don’t … Continue reading

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Sunday Update

On Pickling: Well, I got the chutney finished and jarred yesterday; it only needed a further two hours (why cook so much of it Gem?) and it came out looking like this: I used all kinds of things in here; … Continue reading

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