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Restrictions Of Epilepsy And Autism

I can be positive all I like concerning my neurological issues, but of course there are restrictions on what I can and cannot do. Everybody has their stone walls and glass ceilings, whoever they are and regardless of health, fitness … Continue reading

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Discworld Convention, Water Fights And Laughing Through Epilepsy

The husband-shape and I are now back on Roundworld, after having fun at the Discworld Convention. Truly, it’s wonderful to escape the real world every couple of years and catch up with old friends whilst meeting new ones. The Discworld … Continue reading

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Not Enough Weekend – Or Just Too Much To Fit in?

Yet again, I’m trying to fit a couple of weeks into a few days! We’re packing for the Discworld Convention (heading off Friday morning). I’ve packed all of my Doctor Who t-shirts, my wedding gown (because it’s the kind of … Continue reading

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How To Rock A Discworld Convention

Today I feel the need for something a bit lighter on my blog than the subjects of the last few days, so I’m going to write a piece on how to be Awesome at a Discworld Convention. The husband-shape and … Continue reading

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