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The Maiden has grown The harvest is sown The Green Man awakens His Queen to embrace A Maiden no more The Mother of all Bringing life to the soil With Her beauty and grace Wishing you all a Blessed Beltane. … Continue reading

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Winter Wonderland

It began as though Swan feathers were drifting lazily but copiously from the sky. Beautiful and serene, the world seemed to glide to a halt and silence fell. I do love the deadening effect that snow has on sound; it’s … Continue reading

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The Lights Are On And Somebody’s Home!

I would usually blog about this at Thoroughly Disordered – my blog about my struggles with alcohol and anorexia – but I felt that this was something to share on my main blog, because for me it is a major … Continue reading

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I have always loved autumn; the turning of the leaves, the slight chill in the air, the promise of beautiful sunsets and cooler nights. Extra layers on the bed, fluffy pyjamas, cosy jumpers to snuggle in to – a whole … Continue reading

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