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“You Should Get A Job…”

“… And then you’d be getting paid for something worthwhile complaining about.” I looked at her; a pretty woman with blonde hair, a stinky attitude and a smug expression on her face. I stand some inches taller than she, and … Continue reading

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The Lost Man

A battle waged A young man lost Three families mourn The tragic cost

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School Bus Special Needs Worker Chokes Autistic Boy As Driver Laughs

I don’t often check the Google alerts that I’ve set up, but in this case I am very glad I did, because this is a stark reminder that people like my son – people like me – are victimised and … Continue reading

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The Outrage Of An Autistic Parent

I know little to nothing of Jenny McCarthy, save for the fact that she’s an ex Playboy Bunny and an idiot. She also happens to have an autistic son. Wait, what’s that? She cured him? It’s a miracle; won’t she … Continue reading

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