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Of Shoes And Strings And Sealing Wax, And A Ton Of Navel Fluff

After being incredibly remiss with this blog since breaking my arm in August, my muse has finally poked me to write up about the highlights of my year and attempt to catch up with you all. It’s one thing to … Continue reading

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Growing Up Aged Thirty Nine And A Half

Growing up is something that I tried to avoid for all of my life until now. I inherited Romani blood which runs hot in my veins; I am an autumn child who has spent many years floating free with no … Continue reading

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The Rootless Path

I didn’t know where I was going; I only knew that I’d torn my roots out of the soil of the town that I had been born in, and that I didn’t want to grow new ones anywhere for the … Continue reading

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Where Did You Think You’d Be?

D just wandered into the bedroom (yes, I’m still bedbound and considering x-rays or something) and asked me a question that prompted me to blog: “If someone had told you seven years ago that you would end up in a … Continue reading

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Winter Wonderland

It began as though Swan feathers were drifting lazily but copiously from the sky. Beautiful and serene, the world seemed to glide to a halt and silence fell. I do love the deadening effect that snow has on sound; it’s … Continue reading

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Epilepsy Won’t Hold Me Back Any More!

I spent much of yesterday attempting to compose my thoughts and feelings concerning my meeting with Sheila at Compass and what was discussed there. I couldn’t really piece it all together, so instead I gave you some fluff about my … Continue reading

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Autism, China In Your Hand And Frankenstein’s Creation

Following on from yesterday’s Flashblog event for Autism Awareness month (and submissions are still flooding in), a friend mentioned this morning that she loves T’Pau’s China In Your Hand because it was playing at the exact moment that her son … Continue reading

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Sit-Down Saturday, And Thoughts On Self

This last week I’ve been somewhat busier than usual. Aside from joining in Needlework Days and doing lots of sewing I’ve planted seeds, potted cuttings from the Tradescantia plant that I inherited from my grandmother (which needs a good old … Continue reading

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