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The Other End Of The Telescope

When you look through a telescope you witness the entire world expanding. You can see past the horizon, or you can see planets hiding out among the stars that you are unable to see with the naked eye alone. Truly … Continue reading

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A Visit To The Hospital

“What happened to your eye?” Excuse me? I’m here because I’ve been vomiting blood and you want to talk about my eye? To do a quick rewind: I was put on Naproxen for the pain in my feet. Not only … Continue reading

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When The Needle Skips The Groove

I haven’t exactly been “dying of ennuii” since you last saw me here. I’ve been laid up quite ill for a while and so my blogging has gone right out of the window. In my absence I’ve been reading the … Continue reading

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Epilepsy, Disability And Idiocy

“MOVE IT!” I had just hobbled off the coach, en route to my home town to visit with my son. London Victoria is where I had to change to a different coach, and I was looking forward to the two-hour … Continue reading

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Sexuality And Disability

In my hometown of Cheltenham lives a very famous lady. She is famous for being amazing. For the sake of argument, we’ll call her “Lisa”. Lisa is only a few years older than myself and is a Thalidomide victim. She … Continue reading

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, As Told By A Sufferer

As I believe I may have mentioned before, my sister – Serena Lesley – has been battling CFS since late 2011. This is a subject that I have been wanting to cover, but as I am completely unqualified to talk … Continue reading

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The True Face Of Epilepsy

My husband and I just returned from a three hour stay in A&E because I had a seizure which rapidly descended into¬† Status Epilepticus. The story and the photographs that you are going to see will not be pretty, so … Continue reading

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Carers, Stress And Human Rights

Look at the man in this picture. He is tired; he is stressed; he is isolated. He simply cannot take any more strain alone. He, like my husband, is a carer to someone – his needs ignored or put behind … Continue reading

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“You’ll Be Sorry!”

The old man was talking to us – my cousins, my sister and I, as we passed him on Bournemouth Beach, cigarettes in hands, on our way to The Dolphin for a pint of Guinness. It was 1989, I was … Continue reading

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Eating Disorders And Alcohol – The Connection Between The Two

What comes to your mind when you view this picture? Do you think of a good pub or restaurant with friends? Do you imagine biting into that salad and sipping that wine, blending the flavours together into a perfect marriage … Continue reading

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