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A Street Cat Named Bob

Synopsis: The true story of one man and his cat. James Bowen discovered the injured ginger tom just inside the entrance to his sheltered housing block. A lonely busker who had spent ten years on the streets and was nursing … Continue reading

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Once upon a time, many years ago, my grandmother declared that I was so stubborn that I would even defy death until I was good and ready to turn up my toes. She was right, actually; there have been a … Continue reading

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Growing Up Aged Thirty Nine And A Half

Growing up is something that I tried to avoid for all of my life until now. I inherited Romani blood which runs hot in my veins; I am an autumn child who has spent many years floating free with no … Continue reading

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“You Won’t Be Seeing Frank Any More; He’s… No Longer Here”

That was the first thing that my neurologist told me when I met with him this afternoon – a year after I last saw my Epilepsy Nurse, Frank La Rocca. Last August I had to cancel an appointment due to … Continue reading

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The Lights Are On And Somebody’s Home!

I would usually blog about this at Thoroughly Disordered – my blog about my struggles with alcohol and anorexia – but I felt that this was something to share on my main blog, because for me it is a major … Continue reading

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