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The Lost Man

A battle waged A young man lost Three families mourn The tragic cost

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A Street Cat Named Bob

Synopsis: The true story of one man and his cat. James Bowen discovered the injured ginger tom just inside the entrance to his sheltered housing block. A lonely busker who had spent ten years on the streets and was nursing … Continue reading

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School Bus Special Needs Worker Chokes Autistic Boy As Driver Laughs

I don’t often check the Google alerts that I’ve set up, but in this case I am very glad I did, because this is a stark reminder that people like my son – people like me – are victimised and … Continue reading

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“So; Aren’t Epilepsy And Autism Brain Diseases?”

If I had a penny for every time I’d been asked this question I would own the Bahamas and perhaps Singapore by now. I am always shocked by the level of ignorance when it comes to neurological conditions. I’m sorry, … Continue reading

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Gypsy Road – Part Two

How Did I Meet My Ex-Husband Anyway? He was on a street corner late at night, guitar in hand and singing his heart out. A lonely busker, out past midnight in the hope that clubbers would drop him some money.

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Carers, Stress And Human Rights

Look at the man in this picture. He is tired; he is stressed; he is isolated. He simply cannot take any more strain alone. He, like my husband, is a carer to someone – his needs ignored or put behind … Continue reading

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Pinterest: A Suitable Platform For Autism Education?

The Autism Positivity Flash Blog event was an excellent idea. There were so many moving, heartwarming stories to read, and many new friends were made amongst the Autistic Blogging Community. People are still retweeting these stories (thanks for the mention … Continue reading

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Autism, China In Your Hand And Frankenstein’s Creation

Following on from yesterday’s Flashblog event for Autism Awareness month (and submissions are still flooding in), a friend mentioned this morning that she loves T’Pau’s China In Your Hand because it was playing at the exact moment that her son … Continue reading

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Hi from InkAshlings

I realise it is neither Sunday nor time for me to guest post but as I am going on holiday for three weeks from this Sunday coming, I thought I had better pop into Tribble Towers territory and say “Hi.” … Continue reading

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Sticking It To The Man

Not long ago I promised an account of the oral surgery that I’ve mentioned here, and what I had to go through to achieve my goal. Here is the account in full, with dates and days obviously updated – my … Continue reading

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