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Getting Fitter To Get Better

In the bad old days (many years ago now) I subsisted on tea, cigarettes and rum. In slightly better days this changed to tea and wine. Now it’s water, the occasional cup of tea and wine. I’m still not eating … Continue reading

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An Overview Of 2012

Every year, for as long as I can remember, I have always taken the year that was and written a review of it. As a child it was in paper diaries; for the last twelve years or so it has … Continue reading

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Goodbye To Compass

This morning we had our final meeting with Sheila, our Compass counsellor. Since that first meeting, when I was still so withdrawn and suspicious of strangers, it hasn’t really felt like counselling at all; it’s been more like visiting a … Continue reading

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The Lights Are On And Somebody’s Home!

I would usually blog about this at Thoroughly Disordered – my blog about my struggles with alcohol and anorexia – but I felt that this was something to share on my main blog, because for me it is a major … Continue reading

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When I broke my toe back in April, I was quite happy to stay in bed for the first few weeks because that’s what I always tried to do anyway. I was weak from my eating disorder, drained by constant … Continue reading

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Carers, Stress And Human Rights

Look at the man in this picture. He is tired; he is stressed; he is isolated. He simply cannot take any more strain alone. He, like my husband, is a carer to someone – his needs ignored or put behind … Continue reading

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Status Epilepticus And Other Stories

It happened again. I had a very overwhelming week; because of my atopic condition I can become quite sick from heat, and on top of dealing with the hot weather, itching, excessive perspiration and hives I was being more active … Continue reading

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New Blog

In this blog I cover many subjects; epilepsy, autism, eating disorders, gardening, cooking, pickling/preserving and adventures. This blog is generally where I record my take on certain things, leave my thoughts and fight the cause for autism and epilepsy awareness … Continue reading

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Fashion Friday

I have made no secret of the fact that I suffer from an eating disorder since beginning this blog. I’ve suffered in silence for twenty years and have only recently sought help.

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“You’ll Be Sorry!”

The old man was talking to us – my cousins, my sister and I, as we passed him on Bournemouth Beach, cigarettes in hands, on our way to The Dolphin for a pint of Guinness. It was 1989, I was … Continue reading

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