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Of Shoes And Strings And Sealing Wax, And A Ton Of Navel Fluff

After being incredibly remiss with this blog since breaking my arm in August, my muse has finally poked me to write up about the highlights of my year and attempt to catch up with you all. It’s one thing to … Continue reading

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On Writing And The Writing Industry

What makes a writer? When comes the point that you can claim to be a writer or a journalist – and a recognised and respected one at that? The best person to ask, of course, is a writer, and so … Continue reading

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The Life And Times Of A Transient Journalist

I am most definitely not dead, but a lot of things have been happening – both to me and for me. My time has recently been taken up with gardening, cross-stitch, writing for What Culture, running a Facebook group with … Continue reading

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Translation: I did it! And what better picture than a delighted Hiro Nakamura to express my happiness? This week has been seriously rough on me, what with my autistic son being transferred and sectioned to a young adult facility and … Continue reading

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Helping Hand

This morning I checked in on Facebook (which I very rarely do) and discovered a message from a delightful young lady who shall remain anonymous. The message came from somebody on Twitter, who has recently been diagnosed with both epilepsy … Continue reading

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And So It Begins

Long ago, in my early twenties, my grandmother and I used to meet for lunch on a weekly basis. We would set the world to rights, catch up with each other and I’d tell her about my job. She always … Continue reading

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Wot I Did On My Holly Days (Or, Life Without Internet)

Our new modem arrived this morning, so Tribble Towers is fully powered and ready to go as far as the internet is concerned. However, during the last forty-eight hours, we’ve had to stumble blindly through that unknown territory which is: … Continue reading

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I Have Always Been A Medical Mystery…

My body has survived many things over the years that it probably shouldn’t have survived at all. I suffer Status Epilepticus on what now seems to be a regular basis and really ought to spend more time in A&E than … Continue reading

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Some More From The Disc

Hidden under a handy cut, for your convenience. I think you’ll be able to work out just why I’m still so exhausted though!

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I am still alive and well in the leafy south, but spoons have been low and I’ve been going through some fairly strong self-esteem issues. Since this blog is not the place for hosting a pity party I chose to … Continue reading

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