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Of Shoes And Strings And Sealing Wax, And A Ton Of Navel Fluff

After being incredibly remiss with this blog since breaking my arm in August, my muse has finally poked me to write up about the highlights of my year and attempt to catch up with you all. It’s one thing to … Continue reading

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Staring Without Seeing, And Other Stories

That’s what I tend to do when I’m waiting for my hospital appointments; I have my Kindle, of course, but occasionally my gaze will sweep the waiting area and see – but not see. Images are vaguely noted – sometimes … Continue reading

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Disability, Voluntary Work And Government Deception

We all have that One Relative, or know that One Person, who sits at home watching Jeremy Vile, scratching their arse, chainsmoking and eating their own bodyweight in Doritos whilst gleefully living off the state with absolutely no intention of … Continue reading

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Luke’s Attic #2 – Mister Smith And The Doctor

For once, Luke felt no irritation when Mister Smith sounded his trumpeting fanfare. Mum had berrated the ancient mind of the machine so many times for this, but today Luke was comforted by the sound. Happy memories flooded back as … Continue reading

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“You Should Get A Job…”

“… And then you’d be getting paid for something worthwhile complaining about.” I looked at her; a pretty woman with blonde hair, a stinky attitude and a smug expression on her face. I stand some inches taller than she, and … Continue reading

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Count The Shadows

When you’re a Whovian, if somebody mentions a library you immediately think of the episode Silence In The Library and the Vashta Nerada: I’m sure that library staff the world over are fed up with asking someone if they need … Continue reading

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Along Came A Spider

Since  I  last blogged, various things have happened – mostly to me as opposed to for me, but that’s nothing new. The first thing that happened to me was a young female spider, who I was examining in the garden one … Continue reading

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Pony Poo And The Townie

In spite of close on six years living in a semi-rural area of Chelmsford, I am occasionally forcibly reminded that a part of me will always be a town girl (even though I detest towns and my escape from Cheltenham … Continue reading

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Frank La Rocca, Epilepsy Nurse

This blog post is actually not about Frank La Rocca at all – more about my visit with the neurologist today – but since his name is always amongst “Top Searches” on my dashboard and I received a message a … Continue reading

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Epilepsy: Don’t Let It Eat You

The title I’ve selected for this blog is something that I said during a film interview. I am unable to share the video here because I’ve not yet received permission, but it was a video filmed by Epilepsy Action last … Continue reading

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