RIP Kindle

Today, my third generation Keyboard Kindle (yes, one of the original ones that you hardly ever see any more) finally gave up the ghost. The unit itself is absolutely fine, but the battery has finally crystallised and will never take – much less hold – a charge again. Dom has taken it apart, but the possibility of a new battery doesn’t look terribly hopeful from where I’m sitting.


Adios old friend

This Kindle has seen me through some tough times and so it has sentimental value. Yes, I get attached to inanimate objects, why do you ask? It’s made disabled travelling possible for me (try wrangling a suitcase that won’t close properly because of the books, a book and your handbag under your arm and a walking stick all at once: it cannot be done); it’s lightened up many a car journey; it’s helped me to dream the time away in hospital or GP waiting rooms, been to numerous book club meetings with me and even kept me sane on ICU in 2014:

Waiting To Be Admitted 2014

What drips and monitors? I’m reading; I don’t care!

As bulky as this old thing was, I’m really quite upset. I wanted a Paperwhite anyway, but I wanted a second Kindle rather than have to upgrade because my faithful friend for more than half a decade turned up its digital toes.

Farewell old buddy. Thank you for everything: you will be remembered fondly.

About Missus Tribble

Media volunteer for Epilepsy Action (UK) and advocate for both epilepsy and autism awareness. Would like a Tardis when I grow up.
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16 Responses to RIP Kindle

  1. Mister Tribble says:

    I’ve got the kindle battery out. The voltage had dropped too far for the kindle to charge it properly (they have to be cautious – don’t want the kindle exploding!). I’ve hooked it up to an external charger and am monitoring it carefully. This one may give enough of a prod to get the voltage high enough for the kindle to charge it again, but it is probably on it’s way out.

    • I have a sad feeling that, if I’m able to read from this old girl again, it will be for the last time. But hey, half a decade is pretty good going for modern technology – thanks for hopefully giving it one last hurrah! x

  2. paulaacton says:

    I feel the same way about my ipod classic, they don’t make that one anymore and to buy it from any of the sources I have found would cost me at least twice as much as I paid for the original seven years ago, I love this model but no way am I paying Β£350 for a ‘new’ one which is actually probably second hand or reconditioned

    • I’m really sentimental over this Kindle – it’s been through so much with me! It was a total godsend in hospital, as I was getting through two books a day sometimes, and I hate to think how antsy I would have been if I’d had to wait for Dom to come in and bring me a new book to read: having so many books at my fingertips made my hospital stay almost bearable.
      Dom has got it working temporarily (as in, the battery is now accepting a charge) but it’s definitely not going to last much longer, if I can get it to work at all this time. I told him he could cannibalise it for parts, but now I’ve changed my mind and don’t want to see its inner workings broken up!
      I ordered a cover for the Paperwhite I have coming. I’m sad to report that its not available in Tardis blue 😦

      • paulaacton says:

        I am the same over my ipod it was with me at the birth of the monster, two spinal surgeries and a lot of sleepless nights when I didn’t want to put tv on and wake everyone else and so much more it is now sat in it’s docking station in the kitchen more or less permanently because the battery is totally erratic at holding the charge and it will not even register to connect to the new computer so I cannot try to update it

      • The things we become attached to, eh? While many people I know appear to be surgically attached to their phone or tablet, I’m at a complete loss without my Kindle!

  3. willowdot21 says:

    My old Kindle with keyboard is still going and hubby uses it ! I have a paperwhite and can really recommend it ! Time to make a new friend!

  4. Sounds like you got the wear out of it! Tony got me a Kobo for Christmas, and I’m enjoying it very much (suddenly I can read all of Project Gutenberg easily!) Hope the replacement shows up swiftly.

  5. I visited one of my doctors last week he said his medical assistant gave him a new kindle because he was using the same one you have there.

    • A lot of the nurses while I was in hospital had never seen the keyboard model. One asked me why I’d never upgraded, and was surprised when I told her that, in all the years I’d had it, it had never given me cause to want to part with it. I still don’t want to part with it, but instead of the battery Dom discovered it was a loose connection somewhere, so that’s it – it’s gone. A friend tried to convince me to get one of the Kindle tablets, but I have a laptop, I have a mobile phone and I don’t go out very often (and when I do I’m in company so wouldn’t be surfing the web anyway) – so I’m not wasting money on something with features I won’t use when I only need it to read on! πŸ™‚

  6. Tablets/e-readers are definite life-savers when it comes to books. I can totally understand your attachment to your device too. It’s the electronic equivalent of the teddy bear you were given at birth/the birth of a younger sibling. Old, worn, fur loved off, one ear hanging on by a thread and an eye missing (last two possible but optional; my old teddy is merely a bit worn in the fur department) and has been with you through everything.

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