Guest Post – Doctor Who Review: Hide

Well Neil Cross. That was absolutely mental. I mean stark raving bonkers INSANE and I LOVED every second. Hide had me from the start with its great haunted house promo poster. I am partial to a bit of a housebound thriller/Hammer Horror approach. This episode did not disappoint. There were flaming candles, ethereal voices, a woman in white, banging doors and windows and of course, pouring rain and atmospheric thunder and lightning. What’s not to love? Chuck in Clara and The Doctor bantering in a style that reminded me of Ace/Seven (I think it may have been Clara’s red umbrella), some insightful character moments and Clara flying the TARDIS; not to mention two love stories, a wormhole, a rescue attempt and a psychic and this episode truly did have the kitchen sink thrown at it. An yet somehow in spite of this, or indeed because of it, this episode has been my favorite of the Clara/Doctor dynamic duo.


So what’s the main story? The Doctor and Clara turn up at Caliburn Mansion 1974 for some fun. Instead they find The Ghost in the Well. But is she a ghost and why has she haunted the mansion for so long? This time The Doctor and Clara are joined by Jessica Raine (Call The Midwives) and Dougray Scott to help solve the mystery. Professor Alec Palmer and Emma Grayling make a nice counterpoint to The Doctor and Clara- their blossoming romance a nice story that also helps The Doctor to solve the final mystery of the pocket universe at the episode’s end (a plot twist that I could perhaps have done without. It was a step too far for this viewer but still, I appreciated the sentiment.)

I felt like this episode really checked a lot of boxes for me- there was humour (Ghostbusters!), mystery (the mystery of the woman lost in time and out of place mirrored the mystery of Clara and the mystery of The Doctor), pathos (Clara in the TARDIS asking The Doctor if he was OK with time passing in a blink, if he was OK with seeing humans as nothing, The Doctor claiming that every monster needs a companion), plots thickening (Clara able to fly the TARDIS, Clara speaking with a TARDIS interface of herself, The Doctor coming to Caliburn to ask Emma about Clara and getting the reply of “She’s a girl. A perfectly ordinary girl,” and some wonderful action (The Doctor diving into the wormhole, running from an unseen monster, stuck in a parallel Mansion).

I really liked Matt in this episode. Yet again I was struck by how well he plays at being an old man in a young body. I never got the same impression from Chris or David. This was also the first episode where I really bought modern Clara and The Doctor as companions. Something about their performances in Cold War was just a bit off. This week was perfect. I loved the similar manic reactions, the banter, and the acknowledgement of individual fears. I wish Who could be like this every week. If Cross keeps writing guest episodes like Hide he has my permission to become new head writer.

Hide: 9/10 inky stars

Next week: Downside. Steve Thompson. Upside. JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF THE TARDIS. YES PLEASE.

Maureen is addicted to all things speculative fiction, including Doctor Who. She guest blogs for MrsTribble but you can find her at her speculative fiction blog InkAshlings or on Twitter. She also reviews sci fi and fantasy books on Goodreads if you like that kind of thing.


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11 Responses to Guest Post – Doctor Who Review: Hide

  1. InkAshlings says:

    Reblogged this on InkAshlings.

  2. The time hasn’t come for me to watch all of Dr Who yet. But it IS mesmerising.

  3. paulaacton says:

    Hmmmmm fascinated to see you thought that Clara flew the Tardis as this was a discussion Miss Tribble and I had already had, and had concluded sexy flew herself as well as speculating why she does not like Clara as well as why Clara has not received a key

    • Agreed. The impression I got was that Sexy needed Clara on board for some reason in order to reach The Doctor (and I’ve never been able to stop calling her Sexy since “The Doctor’s Wife”, which was a beautiful episode all on its own). You hear Clara making all these excited and shocked noises as Sexy bounces between the real world and the pocket universe and back again, and it’s clear that she’s not in control. Previously Sexy has refused Clara entrance, but when it comes to saving The Doctor? She’d let Loki in if she had to!

      I did feel that the part with the rope was a bit of a “Poltergeist” rip-off and I don’t really understand the whole thing with the Gargoyles (why is one alive and roaming the woods?) but I generally enjoyed this episode.

      • InkAshlings says:

        I guess I worded that badly- I didn’t mean that Clara literally flew the TARDIS like say River can but I do mean that the TARDIS does allow Clara in and moves with Clara inside answering Clara’s bidding to find The Doctor. Has the TARDIS done that before on new who?

      • Yes she has. Bad Wolf 🙂

      • InkAshlings says:

        But that was quite a different set of circumstances.

      • True. For a start, Sexy liked Rose, and I honestly believe that she was either trying to protect Rose from the Heart of the TARDIS or testing her determination, strength and loyalty before allowing Rose to be exposed to something so powerful.

        I seriously need a rewatch…

  4. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    My sister would have loved this. Alas alas, she does not ‘blog’ – you know, spoken like a BAD 4 LETTER WORD!!

    • InkAshlings says:

      Eh? What a perfectly mystifying comment.

      • WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

        Sorry to be weird, InkAshlings! My sister would have loved to read this. However, she won’t ever read it or know it exists because she doesn’t blog. She considers blogging a loser thing to do – it’s a ‘bad’ word like ‘fuck’ is a bad word. That’s what I meant.


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