Epilepsy And Fitness – Resolutions For 2013

JoggingUsually I don’t make resolutions, partly on account of my health and also because I forget what the resolution was in the first place, but this year I am very clear on what I need to focus on resolution-wise.

Health and fitness.

I felt very encouraged last year, when I took up sewing and learned to stand from both a sitting and kneeling position as a result. I’m not certain which muscles are used to perform these simple actions, but mine had wasted almost completely away due to various epilepsy medications confining me to the house – and very often bed.

Once I gained confidence I began walking to the shops and back with D and I now have a firmer, faster step than he does. I have also dusted off my Wii Fit Plus and have begun some gentle jogging. I think I should leave the five minute program alone for a while yet though, as after I crossed the finish line I collapsed in a breathless heap on the floor! I took the opportunity to do some leg raises for the abs while I was down there though, so I’m not beating myself up about it too much.

I fully intend to begin doing short runs around the neighbourhood by spring and have already ordered some suitable jogging outfits. I’ve also invested in some good sports bras – when you’re a “big” girl you definitely need them!

I’m looking to tone up and increase my overall fitness as opposed to losing weight – which I don’t need to do. I’m actually hoping to also bulk up a little, as I could use another six pounds or so on my frame.

My sister has persuaded me to download this fun app on to my mobile phone too; she is very aware that I should never be out alone without a means to contact D should Iย  suffer a seizure (which reminds me: I have epilepsy wrist bands which would be beneficial to wear in case of problems) and so she thought I might as well enjoy “gaming” whilst running.

I have the following – along with jogging clothes – on their way to me as we speak:

Jogging beltThis jogging belt will hold a bottle of water; also my phone, my keys, my inhaler and anything else I might need (I might want to stop at the shops for a snack, and there’s a pocket inside the belt which would hide my purse – not that I need to worry about getting mugged in this area).

PedometerThis pedometer is more than just a pedometer. It measures and times just about everything.

BottleI dehydrate very quickly even when inactive and so one bottle in my jogging belt won’t be enough once I’m running a good distance.

Somewhat surprisingly it’s my sister who is encouraging me the most. She suffers from CFS and her doctor advised her to “get fitter to feel better”. Actually my doctor told me the very same thing, but we all know how that went – I was too scared to try.

When we saw my sister at Christmas she had dropped a whopping two stone (that’s 28lb) in weight and looked fabulous. I’ve been following her fitness updates on Facebook, and she documents her running and even takes photographs of some of the prettier places that she finds to run in. She’s been telling me for a while that I should at least dust off the Wii but my attitude has been firmly in the “I can’t” camp as opposed to “I can and I bloody well will”.

Walking to the shops and home again on a regular basis has made me feel very good about myself and I’ve felt myself slowly toning up. I’m also a lot more lively and animated than I used to be, so I decided it was time to get the Wii out from under the pile of stuff that has been sat on top of it for almost two years. I had actually forgotten how much fun it is!

After overdoing it last week though, I have decided to take it at a slower pace than I initially believed myself to be capable of. Yesterday I walked to the shops and back – carrying a heavy bag on the way home – and then jogged on the Wii for two minutes, followed by a yummy salad with the leftover gammon from Christmas. I was comfortably tired after that and I only ached a little bit.

Obviously there will still be times when epilepsy decrees that I have to remain home, and there will always be a risk of seizure whilst out for a run, but at least my overall fitness – and hopefully my balance – will be very much improved.

About Missus Tribble

Media volunteer for Epilepsy Action (UK) and advocate for both epilepsy and autism awareness. Would like a Tardis when I grow up.
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17 Responses to Epilepsy And Fitness – Resolutions For 2013

  1. The Asian says:

    Very good resolution to make and it sounds like you’re doing really well as well!

  2. Definitely a good reason to dust off the Wii! BTW, has someone warned the world that you’re gearing up to grab it by the short and curlies? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. The Heretic says:

    Awesome! I have put myself on a diet, and have also been planning out various exercises as well. Here’s hoping for good health for all of us.

  4. paulaacton says:

    Maybe one of your new WI friends will be up for becoming your running partner it would be great if you could find someone to run with you and even better if they can talk Doctor Who at same time

  5. fpdorchak says:

    Great for you, Missus T! But, alternate your workouts–cross train–so you don’t over do it and keep your body guessing, and, in the early stages, allow for muscles to get accustomed to the increased use. Run one day, hike or walk another. Do an Elliptical machine for a change of pace. Do Calisthenics, if no equipment availability. Walk more hills (add some weight to a pack and carry it–but be careful) some days, none other days. Swim. I’m an ex-runner, but workout with weights, walk/hike some, and use cardio equipment, now. Wishin you all the best!

  6. cross(stitch)yourheart says:

    Good luck! I have a lot of faith in your determination to get to your perfect fitness place

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