In Which Fandom Proves Dangerous To My Health!

Sorry for the radio silence recently; I’m catching up with all the emails (several thousand!) and blogs that I possibly can – and have learned my lesson for neglecting my inbox and WordPress. Never again, aside from when I’m at the Discworld Convention with my husband next weekend. Four days without internet access; I’m sure I’ll collapse under the weight of my inbox when I return home – so if I don’t write a blog post about the event for a while after I’m back you know I’m buried under a ton of mail and am attempting to dig my way out!

Over the last week my new hobby has been coming together – beginning with the arrival of my tailor’s dummy! This involved a nice chat with an elderly neighbour, because she took the parcel in while D and I were at the torture chamber dentist. I don’t think she gets to converse with many people other than her son, who visits regularly, so I might try to pop in now and then for a cuppa and a chat.

The fabric is now here too. For those interested, I am re-creating this:

For those not familiar with Doctor Who, this is Katy Manning as companion Jo Grant in “Day Of The Daleks”

The blouse fabric is slightly darker than this, but it was the closest I could find. The denim, on the other hand, is the perfect shade of charcoal grey and I even managed to find a pair of white gogo boots – although I’ll need to get some acrylic paint and do the stripe myself.

I was so excited to get started, that I began cutting the pattern and fabric for the blouse the day after it arrived.

It took me two days to get it all done, and I am completely broken.

Why am I broken? Here’s why:

I can’t get up from a kneeling position without help, but we have no table and so I had to do all of this kneeling on the living room floor. There was a lot of stretching, reaching and turning involved, and therefore muscles that haven’t been used in years came in to play.

I finished the cutting yesterday and even got a bit of seaming and hemming done, but to say that it feels as though I’ve spent two days riding astride an elephant would be an understatement!

I think I can safely say that I’m going to finish the blouse before even thinking about cutting the denim! This is going to be great fun though, and the finished article is going to be retro enough that nobody would bat an eyelid if I wore it to wander around Asda – boots and all.



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Media volunteer for Epilepsy Action (UK) and advocate for both epilepsy and autism awareness. Would like a Tardis when I grow up.
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10 Responses to In Which Fandom Proves Dangerous To My Health!

  1. littlesundog says:

    I don’t know much about Doctor Who but when you spoke of gogo boots, it brought back memories. My sisters and I all wore them. I always thought they had sex apeal! So you GO GIRL and knock ’em dead! I think this outfit is going to be simply smashing!!

    • I think this outfit is completely adorable, and I’m so excited to get it done!

      I also have a boiler suit that I need to dye navy blue, as Jo wore one a lot in the episode The Green Death.

      It’s actually easier to find Sarah Jane outfits on Google images because she was the most popular companion in the history of the Whoniverse (and most dress patterns can be adapted to anything) but I look so much like Jo and I’m just as ditzy, so cosplaying her would be enormous amounts of fun πŸ™‚

  2. willowdot21 says:

    The outfit is gorgeous! will suit you no doubt… is this for the discworld connection…or am I being stupid? I love both the Pratchett world and the Dr Who but I am not aware of any connection! Anyway chick you have fun and take things easy be well and happy and I shall send you a shovel to help you did yourself out!

  3. paulaacton says:

    dont forget photos both of your work as it progresses (extra log post material lol) and some pics of you in the finished outfit

    • There’s not much to photograph yet; I’ve basically cut the fabric, pinned it and done some seaming (I don’t tack – as a trained upholstery machinist I’ve never had/needed to). It needs a lot more cutting and hemming and fitting before it even begins to resemble a blouse.

      The boots though? Why did something as sexy as gogo boots ever go out of fashion? I want them in every colour now!

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