Needlework Days

Needlework Days

You would think that, given the fact that I have a broken toe and am confined mostly to bed, needles would be flying through my current project.

Actually no. Just days before the fall that broke my toe I’d pruned the beautiful Tradescantia (Wandering Jew) that belonged to my beloved grandmother. I put the cuttings in pots and have been busy propagating them – D has been kind enough to bring them in to the bedroom so that I can monitor progress and peel off dead leaves where neccessary. Beyond that (and they have all taken root and begun to grow) and the wedding plans I’ve not really done anything. I suppose you could say that inertia has set in.

Well I’m back to sewing now and have made some more progress on my ballet dancer.

The finished version will look like this

It’s a huge piece and I still have an awful lot to do, as you can see.

Also, have some pictures of my sewing paraphernalia:

My sewing box. Behold the gorgeous colours!

Many lots of gold-plated needles. I won't use the tacky silver ones that come in kits because they have a tendancy to snag. Gold-plated needles are smooth and brilliant to work with

My pretty embroidery scissors, and a pencil. I always use a pencil to mark my progress on patterns. Why yes, the pencil and the rubber have Daleks on them. I'm a Doctor Who fan!

About Missus Tribble

Media volunteer for Epilepsy Action (UK) and advocate for both epilepsy and autism awareness. Would like a Tardis when I grow up.
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11 Responses to Needlework Days

  1. Love it! Thanks so much for joining up again. I have one of those thread storage boxes too but have never got on very well with it. I need to find a good cross-stitch storage method away from my toddler now that we have moved. Not long till your wedding now!

    • Just two weeks until the wedding! We’re both hoping that my toe will be okay, but my bridesmaid will help me down the aisle if I need her to 🙂

      I’m happy to join up on Needlework Days. I maybe haven’t made as much progress as I’d like, but I still love to share 🙂

  2. This looks like fun. I like to knit, but I can only do scarves. I love to quilt, but I don’t know how to back them. It is nice to have something to do with your hands when you have a minute.

    I hope your toe heals, and that you have a wonderful wedding!

    • I once stitched David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor, and framed it for a friend for Christmas. She absolutely adored it and I believe it’s still somewhere proudly displayed in her home.

      Thanks for the well wishes. Less than two weks to go now. Eep!

  3. K. Marie says:

    This is beautiful!! Where did you get the pattern? My daughter would love it.
    I also like your kit and how you organized your threads. I’m not that organized yet but I probably should be. Lol

    • The kit is by Lanarte, and I actually found it at a vastly reduced price on eBay. I love ballerinas, flamenco dancers and dancing couples – usually the colours are so vibrant and exciting to work with! I also love Flower Fairies, All Our Yesterdays and flowers. Recently I created a teeny tiny TARDIS with text (I had no idea I could stitch such small text!) which I’ll probably make in to a fridge magnet at some point 🙂

  4. You are definitely better at stitching things with tiny stitches and subtle shading than I am. It’s lovely to see you’re still making progress with your ballerina in spite of your injury.

    And I love your dalek pencil 🙂

    • I love doing the subtle shading. For my first proper go on evenweave I think I’m doing quite well – thank you 🙂

      I got the Dalek pencil and rubber from the child’s version of Doctor Who Magazine. There’s a free gift with every issue, so if D sees a gift he knows I’d want he buys it for me 🙂

  5. Jennifer says:

    Looking good! I have a little storage box too but it doesn’t have as much in it as yours. I tend to buy kits as I go along so I don’t get too overwhelmed with a stash, but I do have a collection of threads from when I used to make friendship bracelets years ago as a teenager!

    Also love your little scissors, you’ve reminded me that I really should get myself a nice pair, I just use a pair of ordinary scissors and I’d love some pretty ones.

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